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Understanding Black Hat SEO – Sean Hakes

By on November 5, 2018

Black Hat SEO is a term used widely in the world of search engine optimization. SEOs use it to describe other SEOs tactics that might be below board, or in conflict with search engine guidelines, or used by businesses who have had a poor experience with an SEO resulting in a decline in search engine rankings due to those questionable practices. Regardless, the question remains, is black hat SEO the correct term to pin SEO practitioners who may bend the rules a bit?

Several months ago I published an article on my companies blog titled “What is black hat SEO?”

In the article I get into quite a bit of detail defining black hat, SEO as well as the¬†intricacies of search engine guidelines like Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

When you look at the term ‘black hat,’ it’s clearly defined as an action with malicious intent such as hacking to exploit computer systems etc. In SEO, it’s a term that is widely used to describe anyone and everyone who may, or may-not be breaking the search engines guidelines.

If you’re looking to fully understand what black hat SEO is and what it isn’t, I highly encourage you to head over to and check out my blog.

I encourage you to post your thoughts below on this highly contested term in the SEO world. Sound off below!

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